Capacitive Proximity Switches

Omega Electro Controls offers Capacitive Proximity Switches to detect the presence of any dielectric material in the proximity of its sensing face. They are used for detecting non metallic objects, liquid level and other sensing application.


General Specifications

Diameter 18 /30 mm  Length :  85 mm,  Range : 6 / 15 mm
Type Flush and Non Flush Type
Supply 10 – 30V DC,3 wire type
Output PNP / NPN and  NO / NC
Housing Plated Brass

Technical Specifications

Power Supply 10 – 30 Volts DC
Supply Protection Protected  Reverse Polarity
Output Indications Through LED
Output PNP / NPN  and NO / NC
Diameter Of Sensor 18 /30  mm
Range of the sensor 6 / 15mm
Housing Plated Brass
Length of the sensor 85mm
Operating Temp. Upto 55 Degree C


For Level sensing of free flowing material or granules, Hopper level Sensing in Plastic and Steel Industry .