Cylindrical 30 mm-Diffuse Reflection Sensors


Models: PPS-D1-30-1000/2000

Various Models offered according to the sensing distance range and its logic- NPN & PNP / NO or NC Select-able. Models are available in 3 wires and 4 wires.


Technical Specifications

Power Supply 10 – 30 Volts DC
Output Indications Through LED
Output PNP or NPN and NO or NC Selectable
Current 200mA
Range of the sensor 1000mm , 2000mm
Housing Plated Brass/ABS
Sensitivity Adjustment Provided
Dimension 30 D x 65 L mm


These are used in Textiles, Woven sack Industry, Plastic and Packaging Industry, Power Plant, Automobiles, Pharmaceuticals, Steel, Cement, Paper Industry etc.