Haul Off Sensor for Speed Sensing (PPR)




Why our Sensor is the best?

The sensor is as per Industrial standards, based on latest technology, user friendly, sophisticated and reliable to give best desired results in harsh Industrial Environment .The sensor is hermetically sealed and hence, virtually maintenance free in day-to-day operations. It senses every pulse at a very high speed (frequency). Models are available in Plug-n and wired models to suit customer requirements.

Principle of Operation

The installation of Haul Off Proximity sensor is simple. The distance between sensor and Gear teeth (metallic) is set at around 1-2 mm. The Plug-in Cable Connector at the top of sensor indicates the signal status of sensor. The sensor operates at 10-30 VDC and senses the presence of gear teeth which rotates in front of it. It gives Pulses per revolution (PPR) to the CWM Controller which accordingly helps in producing a good quality fabric.


Our Haul Off Proximity Sensor has been used widely for sensing Pulses per revolution on Looms .It in turn indicates the actual production of Loom (mtrs) on display and maintain database of total production .Thus a good quality fault free fabric can be produced on Looms.

Technical Specifications

Power Supply 10 – 30 Volts DC
Supply Protection Protected Reverse Polarity, Short Circuit
Output PNP / NPN and NO / NC
Output Indications Through LED
Housing Plated Brass
Dimension Of Sensor 8mm (OD) X 65 mm (L)
Range of the sensor 2 mm
Operating Temp. Upto 55 Degree C