Inductive Proximity Switches-DC Type(Rectangular)





Omega Electro Controls offers Inductive proximity switches for sensing Ferrous materials. This type of switches work on ‘Damped Oscillator’ principle. During operation a frontally radiated electromagnetic oscillating field is projected from the sensing face. Any electrically conductive material entering this field causes damping of the oscillation. This change is detected by the in-built sensitive & reliable electronic circuit and is converted into an effective output signal.

General Specifications

Diameter 18X18X36/10X25X50mm  / 30X30X54mm
Diameter  12X30X45mm
Diameter 16X40X55mm / 12X27X40mm
Type Flush and Non Flush Type
Sensing Range 08/05/08/15/08/15/04 mm
Output PNP / NPN and  NO / NC
Housing Plated Brass/ABS

Technical Specifications

Power Supply 10 – 30 Volts DC
Output Indications Through LED
Output  NO / NC
Dimension Of Sennsor(LXBXH)mm 18X18X36 mm10X25X50mm30X30X54mm12X30X45mm16X40X55mm12X27X40mm
Supply Protection Protected  Reverse Polarity &Short Circuit
Housing A.B.S.Plastic
Sensing Range  08/05/08/15/08/15/04 mm
Operating Temp. Upto 55 Degree C


Used for Counting / Position Sensing of various objects in Plastic and Packaging Industry, Bulk Material handling, Automobile, Steel Plants, Fertilizer ,Cement, Engineering, Machine Tools, etc  Industries