Magnetic Proximity Sensors for Weft Break Detection


weft break



Why our Sensor is the best?

  • The sensor is as per Industrial standards, based on latest technology, compact, user friendly, sophisticated and reliable to give best desired results in harsh Industrial Environment. The sensor is hermetically sealed and hence, virtually maintenance free in day-to day operations.
  • The technical specifications of sensor is standard such that it can be installed at Loom of any company without any additional , non standard Mechanical Fittings and PCB Relay Card creating complications in panel (Occupying unnecessary space) and increasing energy consumption .
  • Our Sensor is direct alternative for original without degrading the standard of reputed Machines. As the sensing range of sensor is quite good (above 60mm), it does not touches the moving warp tapes reducing the chances of frequent stopping of machine due to malfunction even when tape is not detected broken by sensor.

Principle of Operation

The sensor works on the principle of Magnetic Field, fool-proof eliminating the problems like dust, ambient light, and reflection of fabric which are prominent in light based sensors. When shuttle bobbin runs out of the tape or if the shuttle tape breaks in running mode, then the strong high power Magnet of Magnetic Reflector Assembly rotates and comes under the Magnetic Sensor. This magnetic field is sensed by sensor and a stop signal is sent to the Weft End Logic Card. This Logic Control Card stops the loom and cramming is started. In this way the fabric wastage is eliminated instantly producing a Fault Free Fabric.


  • For Weft Break Detection on Circular Loom of Woven Sack Industry.
  • Reliable and dependable option for Photo Cell.
  • Single operator can handle multiple looms thus resulting Increase of Loom Efficiency.
  • Produces Fault Free fabric by eliminating wastage due to tape breakages in Shuttle Bobbin.
  • Power Consumption is Negligible.


• The shuttle bobbin can be completely utilized hence it is not necessary to put it on creel stand for further use.
• As smaller bobbins are removed from shuttle are not loaded on creel, the creel stand can be loaded with large size bobbin and frequent stoppage to change creel bobbin is avoided.
• One operator can handle multiple looms as he does not have to monitor the shuttle bobbin constantly.
• The wastage due to tape breakage in shuttle bobbin is totally avoided, as loom stops (with cramming if enabled), immediately if tape breaks.
• As the Sensor is based on Magnetic principle, effect of dust, oil and Master batch powder is nil and hence maintenance free.
• The efficiency of loom increases and quality of fabric is improved as loom stops even if the shuttle tape is slightly loose.
• Pay Back period is very fast due to more production, improved quality, less down time of the loom and reduced wastage.

Technical Specifications

Power Supply 10 – 30 VDC for 3 wire & 24VAC for 4-wire  model
Supply Protection Protected Reverse Polarity, Short Circuit
Output PNP / NPN and NO
Output Indications Through LED
Housing Plated Brass for DC model and ABS for AC model
Dimension Of Sensor 12mm(OD) X 55 mm (L) for  3-wire DC model&75mm (L) X 25mm (B) X 28mm (H) for 4-wireAC
Range of the sensor 60 – 90 mm
Power Consumption 0.2 Watt max
Sensing Material Magnet
Operating Temp. Upto 55 Degree C