Through Beam Sensors


Transmitter and Receiver are in separate housing facing each other with their optical areas whenever the IR beam is interrupted an Output Pulse is achieved.

Unit Contains two sensors one as transmitter other as receiver and a DIN RAIL Mount Control Box with a rating of 5 Amps/230 VAC and two timing control POT adjustable up to 10 sec Providing ON delay and OFF Delay.


Technical Specifications

Power Supply 10 – 30 Volts DC
Current 200mA
Output Indications Through LED
Output PNP / NPN  and NO / NC
Diameter Of Sensor 18 /30  mm
Range of the sensor 3 mtr.
Housing Plated Brass
Sensitivity Adjustment Provided
Dimension 18 D x 75 L mm

General Details

Omega Electro Controls offers you a wide range of high quality Through Beam Sensors in Photoelectric Proximity Switches.

1. Cylindrical 12/18 Mm –03/10/20mtrs. Range – Models:  PPS-D1-18-TB-3000/1000/2000


These are used in Textiles ,Woven sack Industry, Plastic and Packaging Industry, Power Plant, Automobiles, Pharmaceuticals, Steel, Cement, Paper Industry etc.